Friday, October 30, 2009

So, to be more specific....

I realize that I should probably have some clearly defined goals, beyond just burning my Spanx, in order to better know whether or not I reach lets get started on that.

My 30th birthday is approaching, June of 2010 to be specific. I would love to be in the 145-150 lb range at that time (I'm 5'10"). That was my happy weight, the last time where I really felt like I had a grip on my body and could leave the house wearing whatever I liked and feeling good about it. I would really love to start my 30's at my happy weight and just feeling great about life!

My BMI is currently about 29, My goal is to see it in the 20-21 range.

And how to bring all of this about???

Well we will be mostly relying on the South Beach Diet and possibly counting points as well, while walking 45 minutes daily (and I will additionally be doing 50 minute workouts 5 x a week). Hopefully this will result in some badly needed dramatic changes!!

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