Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm still here!

Just nothing to report. At all. The scale is not moving an inch. Stubborn bastard. But I am noticing my clothes fitting better, and of course I feel pretty good. Its kind of amazing how eating right and exercise can do that to a girl, huh? Almost like magic!

So thats all from this corner. I am considering HCG injections so if anyone has any experience with that please feel free to share it! Like everything weight loss related it sounds too good to be true, but if I can finally see some progress on the scale I just might get on it.

Friday, January 15, 2010


OK, I am a little annoyed with the scale today.

I've been using sparkpeople and tracking everything I eat, and am really grateful for that site! It has made tracking what I eat so much easier and I just love it. Sparkpeople estimates my ideal calorie intake to be between 1250-1550 per day, so I've been averaging between 1350 and 1450 all week, in addition to doing 50 minutes of circuit training a few times a week and fitting in walks here and there. And what do I have to show for all of this? Well, happy you asked! I am officially down 6 tenths of a pound! How pathetic.

I am just feeling down right now and like nothing I do is going to help. Back in the day, I really abused my body with a raging eating disorder. It lasted from age 12 to 22 and I know that my metabolism was messed up temporarily at the time, but I have been free of that beast for about 7 years now and just want to gain and lose like a normal person!!

I think the issue might be that I need more calories in a day so I am going to shoot for between 1500-1600 this week and just see if that might get things moving. If not, ARGHHH is all I have to say!

Monday, January 11, 2010

An ounce of planning....

Nothing too exciting to report over here but I just wanted to say that I have been on track and feeling really pretty good about it! I haven't weighed myself in awhile but will weigh-in tomorrow (I like to do it on Biggest Loser day, I'm a dork). And today I am making some of these for lunches for the week (thanks, Roni!) and staying on track with snacking on fruits and veggies.

The thing thats been the most helpful for me is planning out my meals about a week in advance and then tracking what I'm eating, seeing how close I am to my planned meals. We've been having gloomy, wet weather for the last 2 months so I haven't been doing much outdoor activity but just sticking to my favorite workout DVD, Karen Voight's Burn and Firm. I've also really been enjoying reading everyone else's blogs, definitely helps me stay motivated!

So thats all the news from this corner, happy health everyone!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Well that was a long break!

Wow, what happened?? I haven't made a new post in about a month?! If you're wondering if that means that I fell off the wagon, the answer is heck yeah!

The problem I always run into is that I am first and foremost an emotional eater. And holy hell, I have been having some emotions!! In the last month we found out that we were getting my step-daughter for Christmas (which was awesome news) but resulted in some unexpected travel expenses that ended up being over $1,000 (so maybe I ate some fudge over that) then my brother announced he is getting a divorce (I possibly ate some extra suger cookies over that one) because his wife of 18 years is having an affair (a wedge of cheeseball) with another woman (more fudge!!)! So 2010 is off to a pretty wild start for my family!

So, wow, overall I don't think the damage to my diet was tooooo crazy, but definitely not good. For about the last week I've had my head on straight and have been business as usual, although I am currently too chicken to get on the scale.

So here is at least my daily menu:

Breakfast: omelette with 2 egg whites and 1 egg, with a piece of low fat string cheese cut into it, a cup of low sodium V8, a cup of fruit (either strawberries or an orange).

Snack: 15 almonds and a piece of fruit

Lunch: Salad w/ grilled chicken (today I had oatmeal, needed something a little comforting)

Dinner: something healthy and loaded with vegetables (tonight is stuffed bell peppers, last night was stir-fry)

Snack: piece of toast with peanut butter and sugar free jelly, cup of tea with milk and sugar.

So hopefully by mid-January I will undo the damage from December and I certainly wish all the best results to all of you!!