Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oh, weekend!

Well this weekend was a hodgepodge of stuff. As always, very busy and it disappears before you know it!

I think we both were doing pretty great with staying on plan, however on Saturday we had a birthday party to attend where we had spaghetti for dinner and pie for dessert. Overall, I didn't feel like that was too horrible of a setback for us and of course it would have just been really rude of us to say we aren't eating the dinner that hosts are serving so what can you do. Oh well. It was a nice party and we didn't go too crazy with the meals so I'm actually chalking it up to a success :)

I weighed myself today just out of curiousity (I really want to just do it once a week) and am down 3 lbs since Thursday so I'm pretty happy with things. There is more rain predicted for tomorrow but after that we should be able to get some good walks in at the lake this week so hooray!

I made some egg muffins over the weekend that were a total hit with our husbands and have some in the freezer for breakfasts this upcoming week. I'm going to try to plan things out as much as possible for the week ahead because it turns out that I hate making complicated dinners every night, who would have guessed? The slow cooker is my friend!

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