Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Well yesterday I fell of the wagon, HARD, and landed face first in my daughter's Halloween candy. Oh dear. I was able to pick myself up and get back on plan, however, and today has been a great day.

Little Peanut and I started our day at Green Lake (the lake in the picture on my header) and later while she napped I tried the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Boot Camp workout (it is free on-demand right now). The workout was not what I was expecting, the moves can be intense but there is a 20 second break after each exercise circuit is completed. For me, I felt a little bit like I was wasting my time. I really prefer to just power through if I'm already working out. Long pauses give me too much time to think about stopping, lol! Overall I think its a nice workout for beginners or on days when you just feel like a slower paced workout.

In other news, I weighed myself for the first time in months today. My goodness. It was a number I've seen a couple times before, and both of those times were horrible. I'm hopeful that number will disappear in the next couple of days and I am committed to never allowing that number to show up on my scale again. Lots of water for me today!!

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